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  • Intelligent micro-electric car from the nearest

    Upload time: 2015-06-12

  •       Ouyang Ming Gao: intelligent micro-electric car from the nearest
          Social debate about "low-speed electric vehicle" has been a long time, the government is also under study. Chinese electric car will be launched last year, hundreds of people related issues, has been finished. China Electric Vehicle Hundred, executive vice president of the Council Ouyang Ming another job "micro-electric vehicles" development gave a personal opinion.
          China has three stages of development of electric vehicles
          The first phase is called the gestation period, the time from 2001-2009. The main feature of this phase is to research investment, is momentum of new energy vehicles. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games put 500 electric vehicles, is a landmark achievement of this phase.
          The second stage, from 2009 thousand ten cities since the start of the project, called the import of products. Originally expected in 2015 to reach an annual output of 200,000 new energy vehicles, it is now expected to end almost. If we can achieve annual sales of 200,000, which is reached about 1% of total annual vehicle production and sales, it is a stage flag, indicating that this new product has entered the normal growth, product introduction of the phase ends. Estimated that this time will be the end of this year, early next appears.
          The third phase is called the normal growth, new products, which crossed the 1% threshold, it will enter the normal growth, further development is relatively easy. By 2020, total production and sales of new energy vehicles is expected to more than 2 million, this figure is based on prediction: By 2020, China's passenger car fuel economy regulations require cars to reach one hundred kilometers average fuel consumption of 5 liters. To meet this requirement, according to the level of technological development to estimate fuel vehicles, passenger cars have a 5% -10% of the energy consumption of new energy vehicles in order to meet regulatory requirements, when the country's total output of passenger cars is expected to be 3000-3500 Wan vehicles, 7% to more than 2 million. Reached this value, it should be no big problem. Another possibility is that the annual sales of mini-electric car by the Shandong and other places low-speed electric vehicles through technological upgrading and formation is likely much more than 2 million.
          Development path of the low-speed electric vehicles
          Electric cars in China this year, hundreds of people at the annual meeting, Ouyang Ming Gao on the development of micro-electric vehicles presents a 3-3-3 concept: the mini electric vehicles, about three meters long, cost about 30,000, seats 1- 3, the maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. After calculation, in this concept, is fitted with lithium batteries, vehicle costs can also be controlled at around 30,000. This car less demanding driving range, driving 80 km, with 10 kilowatts installed batteries are good enough. And micro-electric cars can use the electric bicycle lithium battery life is slightly shorter points, but low cost. Year with 5000-8000 km, 500-800 charge and discharge times, you can use about 10 years. In the future, low-speed electric cars are likely to develop in two directions, a miniature electric vehicles, is to upgrade to a conventional electric car to go.
          Mini electric car will have a huge market
          Ouyang Ming Gao micro small electric car into third gear, a gear cost about $ 30,000, a file is the cost at around $ 50,000, the cost of a file is around 7 million, according to the conventional division belongs A000, A00 , A0 level. They hope to become the main home of pure electric vehicles, along with the withdrawal of government subsidies slope, their competitive advantage will become more apparent.
          Ouyang Ming high that, even taking into account factors that slope back government subsidies, pure electric vehicles are capable of forming a mass market. However, according to the lithium-ion battery performance and cost, the development of the main models may be inclusive at both ends: 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, 70,000 yuan cost of micro / small car for the end of the 20-30 million or more high-end car to another end.
          Small car generally low cost, cheap, user fees are low. Second vehicle as a family car for the common work, grocery shopping, pick up the child, and practical, without compromising the car owners face. The market size of this car should be great.
          It can be made very high-end luxury car, as long as the increase in battery usage, driving range can reach 300-500 kilometers. Such vehicles consumers are price-sensitive, with it, both to show status, but also show the concept of green car owners. The number will be more and more of this profile vehicles.
          Middle ground between these two extremes, that is, a, b-class car range, mainly plug / extended range electric car's sphere of influence. Car in this range of high performance requirements, require both cars have some speed, but also requires vehicle dimensions large enough, driving range long enough, so pure electric vehicles in this range survival more difficult. The plug / extended range electric car just for these needs can be short with electricity, oil, long-distance running, high-speed car, vehicle dimensions may be relatively large.
          Intelligent micro-electric car may be the first in realization
          Crash test standard electric car with the same car, whether it is speed over 80 km of electric vehicles, less than 80 kilometers per hour, or low-speed electric vehicles are plus or minus 2 km by 48 km errors crash test. For low-cost mini-electric car, as it is a challenge. However, the Chinese Center for Automotive Research conducted diagnostic tests, some of the cost of 30,000 yuan level car also passed the crash test.
          Miniature low-speed electric vehicles easy to implement intelligent, because after high speed, rapid response vehicle intelligent system requirements are higher. In the city to open the car speed is not too high, smart technology will first miniature low-speed electric vehicles to find a breakthrough to achieve through the Internet car - car communication, active safety performance is greatly improved, cars and trucks will not hit on. Then realize vehicle - road - car pass, driverless, the ultimate goal is to achieve 0 accident.
          Intelligent vehicle achieved in three steps: first, intelligent security assistive technology. It tells the driver, there is the case, please note and automatically take the necessary measures in case of emergency. The second step, the network linking the car. Use of the network platform and data analysis capabilities to make intelligent vehicle. The third step, autonomous driving, which is unmanned. Car into a robot. The first step will soon be popularize.
          We expect 5--10 years, vehicle networking technology will revolutionize the first to achieve this change will be electric vehicles, and micro-electric car is the most easy to implement intelligent. Currently, there are many companies involved in this field, there are Internet companies to go it alone, there are Internet companies and car companies dry, countries also strongly encouraged, intelligent vehicle moving quickly, it is estimated 3 - 5 years there will be major changes.