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  • iayuan city spirit Inauguration Ceremony

    Upload time: 2015-02-12

  •     At 13:58 on February 5, 2015, by the research and development production Jiayuan's first mini-electric car - Eldar official line. The ceremony, the birth of spiritual family, praise site suppliers, dealers, industry experts and the media.
        Ceremony, 20 employees Eldar from the Jiayuan Gong Division slowly pulled out, circling twice. The appearance of the spiritual family is well-built Jiayuan, have complete independent intellectual property rights. Design dynamic fashion, more than ten kinds of colors for consumers to choose. Interior design is simple but not simple, using the car layout, shift knob system, while matching the heating and air conditioning, Bluetooth phone, FM radio, GPS navigation, MP5, audio and video interface, exposure to which consumers will have a rich and practical experience.
        Eldar equipped with lead-acid batteries, at speeds up to 50km / h, driving range of about 120km, per kilometer cost only 5 cents, compared with the same fuel level car, the cost advantage is very obvious.
        Given this see the benefits, tangible quality. Ceremony, there were three companies with Jiayuan signed a strategic cooperation agreement.