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  • Jiayuan Electric Motors Chairman Li told China Network interview

    Upload time: 2015-04-21

  • Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Li, chairman of China to accept the network interview, the following is an interview with Record:
    Moderator: Thank you Lee Chinese network studio guest, Lee was always the first time to attend the show it?
    Li: Nanjing is not the first time, in recent years the local government has had several exhibitions, we have done with some exhibitions.
    Moderator: Please tell us about the main models of this exhibition.
    Li: Only one model of our time exhibitors this year, has just launched to a called Jiayuan Eldar, now there are environmental pressures coupled with the pressure of people to travel, coupled with the characteristics of the electric car, we see no need do this kind of thing on the tall, according to our own strength and resources, do some people travel convenience, in line with the needs of the market such products, so we spent more than a year of research and development of this spiritual family, our Ka far developed a car.
    Moderator: Before some media have put Kerry far as low-speed electric vehicles, one of the four little dragons, the news of your company is a good news?
    Li: This is one of our industry, which for Taiai it, so many years Jiayuan Yong far have their own highlights, homogenization never do something, after all, in this industry, which has done two to three decades, due to some limitations no way to open the situation, but we do not necessarily own core technology, because we Jiayuan is the nation's first high-speed car export company in 2008, modified speed car exports, but there is no subsidy can afford due to limitations qualification can only do low-speed vehicles, because the low-speed vehicles belonging ambiguous product.
    Moderator: Like you said Kerry turned away from the high-speed low-speed, is a last resort, it is quite optimistic about the low-speed electric car industry?
    Li: a last resort, in a high speed car which we have a relatively high technical barriers, and we only have a low speed car shape, these two products are relatively good products, our high-speed car is pulling away from state subsidies, do the same mileage of 120 300 kilometers per hour, our costs are not more than 100,000, but other manufacturers to achieve this target is basically three hundred thousand.
    Moderator: because Jiayuan has its own core technology?
    Li: Because we do research from 1982, electric cars, and we have some of their own ideas and practices. Electric cars are not motor, electric control is put together a product, it is a systematic product, light a good electrical and electronic control are not used, so the car at high speed in this area we have their own advantages, but forced himself strength and control of the country, we can not do now, we can only do low-speed, low-speed but this year we seem to do a little too small reputation, and also some of our own endeavor, to say the least in many low-speed vehicle manufacturers inside, we are one of the few companies able to forward the development of the vehicle.
    Moderator: That Jiayuan sales groups mainly for what?
    Li: We Eldar positioning is an umbrella inside the house, so we designed every aspect of the design with the current low-speed vehicles are very different, so our main consumer groups in rural not urban, first-tier cities, second-tier cities, from urban to rural radiation.
    Moderator: the others are gone rural areas surrounding the concept of the city, and you go in the city occupy rural areas.
    Li: Our philosophy is not the same with others, so our models are not the same with others, regardless of what we want young Ye Hao, Ye Hao older people, recent graduates or just participate in the work of these people well, all of the products have a certain demand, not like other manufacturers do, such positioning and direction of development is not the same with us, why are we married to locate it inside the umbrella, which most families are now home no shortage of cars, but his lack of a bike, there are many live in the building, the family has no bike, and sometimes at the gates within one kilometer, there is not a lot on the road, such as from the entrance to the cell can use this car to travel, so this is the case we are actually consumer groups have a certain quality requirements, there are certain qualities in this part of the group, and then by them to promote our products, promote our brand.
    Moderator: China's low-speed electric vehicle industry, now what stage, if the metaphor of a person's formative years, it is in childhood or adolescence, or adulthood?
    Li: I am three years ago, is not optimistic about the low-speed vehicle, three years ago because of low car is glass fiber reinforced plastic, and I think it is contaminated, nothing a little technical content, there is no market at that time, do not have this great atmosphere, we We would not be able to do. With the new energy vehicles two years of vigorous development, low-speed vehicles that together we have done a very impressive, and the various aspects of the market conditions have been met, so I give it a position in adolescence, is booming.
    Moderator: There is a market there is demand, but the electric car industry is also inseparable from the influence of national policy guidance and the larger environment.
    Li: I think what environment is it? Policy is not the country's environment is a big market, the market is the environment, to push forward again two to three years, without this environment, you can not do the electric car, the environment must now do electric vehicles.
    Moderator: Let's look forward to the vigorous development of the electric car industry, we thank Lee guest studio network among China.