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  • Nanjing Jiayuan ten billion micro-car electric vehicle strategy released Eldar National Investment

    Upload time: 2015-09-16

  • At 9:30 on the 15th, with "thanksgiving, win-win, a new journey" as the theme of 2015 Jiayuan "Eldar" electric vehicle conference and national marketing strategies first national investment will be held in Nanjing International Conference Hotel. At the meeting, special Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Hui on "How to build quality micro-car," general manager Feng Fusheng on the "micro-car ten billion Jiayuan Strategic Development Plan" and released a keynote speech in the afternoon, the Deputy oct Chengshan manager will publish Jiayuan electric car marketing strategy. Experts, distributors, media and other industry nearly 300 people from across the country attended, Chinese battery network (micro number: mybattery) was invited to attend the conference and live coverage.
    Special Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., since 1982, has always focused on the core components of electric vehicles and the development, production and sales of vehicle, is China's development of electric cars oldest and most abundant accumulation of technology professional company, is China's private enterprises in the national strategic emerging industries and technologies accumulated outstanding representatives of independent innovation, long-term specialized in the development and production process, the establishment of innovative electric cars have a range of technical route Jiayuan distinctive, independent design and production of electric Jiayuan vehicle drive system each core parts.
    Thirty years, Jia Yuan dynasties technical team under the leadership of founder and always adhere to the "practical as a starting point, the existing mature industry platform as the basis for efficient, precise, concise objective of" research and development concepts, in full By focusing on outstanding technology products safe, stable and reliable premise its cost, research and development with Jiayuan characteristics, allowing users to take the initiative and the market acceptance of electric vehicle technology and products, and achieved fruitful results. With Jiayuan research in the field of electric vehicles, and constantly enrich and depth Jiayuan technical team is also growing. Now Jiayuan Gong Secretary motor, automatic control, electrochemistry, vehicle design, electrical design, process design, structural process design and other professionals, formed in the 1970s and 1980s, the main core technical team, with Dr. 5 people, 14 master's degree, undergraduate or higher 56 people, college education 42 people Jiayuan technical team.
    Jiayuan now to start mass production and marketing of a full range of high performance climbing electric space vehicles, mini-home vehicles and four-wheel electric scooter with the same level and at a fairly heavy vehicle fuel electric light truck and other specialty products. Jiayuan electric cars these products to fill gaps in the market by the introduction of a country, welcomed by users inside and outside. Back in 2008, Jia Yuan is China's first high-speed electric car export small quantities of the company.
    Up to now, Jiayuan has been declared and international patents of invention and utility model patents, and other authorized active almost a hundred.
    Nanjing Jiayuan chairman Li said positioning Jiayuan Eldar electric car is an umbrella inside the house, so we designed every aspect of the design with the current low-speed vehicles are very different, the main consumer groups in the city are not rural first-tier cities, second-tier cities, from urban to rural radiation. It is reported that Jia Yuan in the future development of products aimed at the US and European markets while consumer.