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  • Jiayuan city spirit electric vehicle marketing strategy conference was about to begin

    Upload time: 2015-09-15

  •      15-16 September, with "thanksgiving, win-win, a new journey" as the theme of 2015 Jiayuan "Eldar" electric vehicle conference and national marketing strategies for the first time a grand national investment will be held in Nanjing. The meeting will mainly explain how to create fine micro-electric cars, mini-car ten billion Jiayuan strategic development plan concurrent Bujia far electric vehicle marketing strategy. Electric Vehicle News and other media, Nanjing Jiayuan senior leadership, staff, and other dealers and hundreds of people will witness this historic moment.
         (It is understood, February 5, 2015, by the research and development production Jiayuan's first mini-electric car - Eldar It is understood that the official line, Eldar is Jiayuan have complete independent intellectual property rights of a product appearance. dynamic fashion design, has more than ten kinds of colors for consumers to choose. interior design is simple but not simple, using the car layout, shift knob system, while matching the heating and air conditioning, Bluetooth phone, FM radio, GPS navigation, MP5, audio and video interface, exposure to which consumers will have a rich and practical experience. Jiayuan Eldar equipped with lead-acid batteries, at speeds up to 50km / h, driving range of about 120km, cost only 5 cents per kilometer, with the same compared to the level of vehicle fuel, the cost advantage is very obvious.    
         NO.1 distance integrated lens headlights, high brightness, stylish appearance, with the distance light, position, steering and other functions.
         NO.2 structure using electric windows, user-friendly, using the central locking locks, safe, reliable, reassuring.
         NO.3 new security structure capable of absorbing effectively guarantee the safety of the vehicle encounters a collision, to achieve a safe level of conventional cars.
         NO.4 use in the control structure, user-friendly, a key to open, a key lock, and has a large-capacity storage space.
         NO.5 folding mirrors with electric heating, integrated function steering mirror angle adjustment can be large, depending on traffic ensure that no dead ends.
         NO.6 Bluetooth phone, FM radio, GPS navigation, MP5, audio video interface, reverse image, tachograph vehicle networking and other necessities.