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Development History

In 1982
JIAYUAN EV founder paid much attention to electric vehicles industry, started to search and collect relative information as well.

In 1983
JIAYUAN EV founder designed a mini electric car for the first time.

In 1988
First generation of JIAYUAN EV driving system reserched and developed successfully by JIAYUAN EV founder.

In 1989

JIAYUAN EV founder founded the “Electric Vehicle R&D Institute” focus on the R&dD of electric vehicles.

JIAYUAN EV chief engineer was elected as first director of the Institute and in charge of the business on national electric vehicle technology development and technical review.

In 1990

JIAYUAN EV founder attended EVS10 held in Hong Kong and Jiayuan electric vehicle was showed there during EVS10.

In 1991

One of JIAYUAN EV chief engineer’s thesises published on the journal “Electrical Information and Suggestions” by China Electro Technical Society shows his unique insights as following:

1、It is needed to be financed partly by government on EV R&D and set up a special institute to tackle a critical point. The joint research should be followed with the principal of "high starting point, specialization, small quantity".

2、More preferential policies should be issued covering drive license, road maintenance, power supply etc .

3、EV R&D should be part of the development of China automotive industry. The new EV R&D system should be founded combined with national ministries and commissions, scientific research institutions,universities and collages and production enterprises.

4、It’s better to develop technical standards for China electric vehicle as soon as possible. “Feasibility Report on China’s Electric Vehicles" wrote by Jiayuan EV founder declared national scientific and technological projects under "Eighth Five-Year". He was the respondent when the project reviewed by national famous experts. The project was approved in August same year.

In 1992

JIAYUAN EV chief engineer was invited as a member of the expert committee of former National Planning Commission to evaluate " Electric Vehicle Project of Tsinghua University".

In 1993

JIAYUAN EV chief engineer was invited as vice chairman of the appraisal committee held by Shanxi Province Science and Technology Commission to evaluate the project on electric vehicle drive motor of Sanhuan Company.

In 1994

Invited by former National Planning Commission, JIAYUAN EV chief engineer became one of the 13 EV experts involved in the evaluation of national project “Yes or No for China’s Development on Electric Vehicles". Also he was pointed as the writer for the expert consultation report during that time.

In 1996

Model JY-6351 of Jiayuan electric car passed test held by national authorized quality inspection institute.

In 1997

Project for Jiayuan electric bus batch road test was set up after passing review.

In 1998

JIAYUAN EV founders made a pure electric car all by hand based the design drawing 1:1 ratio. This electric car passed a provincial level appraisal.

In 1999

JIAYUAN EV founder was invited to be one of a preparatory committee members of EVS16 in Beijing. Some electric vehicles reflecting Jiayuan founders’ EV technical level exhibited during EVS16.

In 2000

Based on Xiali petrol car, JIAYUAN converted successfully an electric car matching with Jiayuan 11Kw motor drive system and lithium cobalt oxide battery pack. JIAYUAN electric car model JY-6391 showed on China International Fair on Electric Vehicle and Components held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.

In 2001

Without any vehicle keep accompanying by, a round-trip to Xiangfan, Hubei Province more than 1000Km made alone by Jiayuan electric car based on Xiali with lithium cobalt oxide battery pack. The test report issued by national authorized institute shows that tested Jiayuan electric car’s range is 444.7Km and top speed 97Km/h.

A three type chassis for 7 meters long electric bus designed and produced independently by Jiayuan EV was exhibited in the Second China International Clean Energy Vehicles Expo.

In 2002

JIAYUAN electric bus with lead-acid battery developed Successfully: top speed 95 Km/h and range 180 Km.

In 2003

JIAYUAN electric motorcycle at top speed of 100 Km/h, range 120 Km/h and electric golf car exported to Britain and Germany.

In 2004

By converting a China Brilliance Auto, JIAYUAN JY-6488 electric business car was okay to showed on Hainan International Automobile Industry Exhibition and China Nanjing Golden Autumn Economic & Trade Fair both held in 2004.

In 2005~2007

JIAYUAN gradually established her EV technical route on core electric drive system. JIAYUAN electric drive system and power-trains rated power from 3kw to 132kw under improved for its R&D and production.

In 2008

JIAYUAN model JY - 6356 electric car exhibited in British International Auto show in 2008 and highly attracted media attention world wide. The electric car is reported as the world first home offerable small 5 doors and 5 seats E-MPV by foreign medias.

In 2009

JIAYUAN converted electric vehicles for some famous car makers in China.

The projects of Jiayuan EV’s " electric drive systems" and "advanced EV power battery pack system" were supported by Jiangsu Provincial Government as a key target stated in government publication of “Suzhengfa [2009] No.78, Jiangsu Province Adjustment and Revitalization Plan for Automobile Industry.”

Jiayuan EV drive system showed for the first time on the 13th Shanghai International Auto Show 2009.

In 2010

Part of JIAYUAN EV techniques and products listed as support object by“Jiangsu Provincial Development Plan for New Energy Vehicles Industry (2009-2012) ”.

JIAYUAN EV exhibite with large scale in EVS25 held in Shenzhen.

JIAYUAN EV been listed as "first batch and leading enterprises on industry chain focused to foster and support" by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission.

In 2011

A foreign government delegation on electric vehicle visited JIAYUAN EV.

An electric car converted by JIAYUAN EV passed national authorized institute’s test. The test report shows that the electric car’s range, range with full air-conditioner on and range with operating conditions simulatively on city roads reached the level of application.

In 2012

With JIAYUAN EV Characteristics, Series of climbing electric sightseeing vehicle developed successfully and on sale against the license issued by national authorized institute.

The commissioned development and engineering design is completed for Jiayuan electric small family passenger car with all Jiayuan intellectual property rights.

In 2013

JIAYUAN designed and developed a series of special electric vehicle chassis and power assembly matching.

In 2014

R&D and production of the mini and medium speed electric car

In 2015

JIAYUAN Mini electric vehicle lingzu named eidola has been put on the market officially.