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Adhering to the business philosopy of “ Market-oriented, Technology-based, Green and Energy-saving Target ”, JIAYUAN EV makes full use of the mature industrial platform nowadays to product series of core components of JIAYUAN EV driving system. Meanwhile, most universal parts of petrol vehicle can be widely used into Jiayuan EV. Power battery packs dynamic grouped by JIAYUAN EV technology could not only provide and guarantee JIAYUAN EV supper long mileage but also effectively extend battery life. Regarding Jiayuan EV purchase price and driving cost per mile, it’s possible for JIAYUAN EV lower that of same grade petrol vehicle due to the supper long mileage guaranteed. The extensive use of all these JIAYUAN EV technology ensure effectively the security, stability and reliability for JIAYUAN EV and further enhance the cost performance of JIAYUAN EV as well.

Series of JIAYUAN EV featured products including electric sightseeing cars with fully loaded climbing performance, family using mini four-wheel electric cars and electric light truck is under production and selling. Compare with that of same grade petrol light trucks, Jiayuan electric light truck’s load and speed are almost at same level. The launch of these Jiayuan products which fill a gap in the market were highly welcomed by users home and abroad. Early in 2008, Jiayuan is the first company in China to export small quantities high-speed electric vehicles converted by Jiayuan herself.

More projects of Jiayuan electric vehicles and driving systems been listed as key support objects by levels of China government. With the transformation from R&D to industrialization, more productions of JIAYUAN EV will be sold from time to time. With the only advantage of worldwide highest cost performance and our own completely independent intellectual property rights, Jiayuan family using small passenger electric car is under designing. This Jiayuan electric car has been put on the domestic market and will be promoted to the international market in the near future. Up to now, about one hundred JIAYUAN EV patents including international patent, invention patent and utility models patent been applied for and got patent licensing.

JIAYUAN EV has focused on R&D, production and sales electric vehicles and its core components since 1982. JIAYUAN is an EV professional company which has the most profound technology accumulation and longest history in China.

JIAYUAN EV is an outstanding representatives among China’s private enterprise in terms of accumulation of technology and independent innovation of the national strategic emerging industries. Base on long - term professional R&D, JIAYUAN EV has founded innovatively electric vehicles complete technical route with Jiayuan characteristics and designed and produced independently Jiayuan EV drive system including its core components.

Under the leadership of two generations founder,JIAYUAN EV technical team keep upholding R&D philosophy of “practical as a starting point, based on the existing mature industrial platform, aiming at efficient, precise and concise” over the past more than thirty years. Fully focus on the premise of safety、stability, reliability and highlight advantage for the price and quality, Jiayuan EV achieved fruitful results by making its EV products with Jiayuan characteristic and well accepted by market and users. With the deepening and wider of R&D,Jiayuan EV technical team continues to grow and contains 5 doctors, 14 masters, 56 Bachelor and 42 college degree mainly born in 1970 to 1980’s covering the major of motor, automatic control, electrochemical, vehicle design, electrical design, process modelling design, structure and process design.